Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outlook Express: Exceeding the maximum mailbox size

A small tip for Outlook Express users:

Few days ago I found out that Outlook does not warn us (with a suitable error message) when one of its archive maps (*.DBX file) is too big. In fact Outlook Express has an archive map per folder (inbox, outbox, sent items, ...).

For example: At the moment that 'Postvak IN.DBX' is too big (> 2Gb), Outlook Express will try to connect to the mail server, but returns a hexadecimal error which tell us that Outlook Express cannot connect to the server.

So, outlook express users, keep each folder in your OE mailbox smaller than 2 Gigs. Attention, if your inbox folder is too big, it is still possible to send mails when the 'OUTBOX.DBX' and 'Sent items' file is smaller than 2 Gigs!

No problems for Windows Vista users. In Vista you do not have Outlook Express, but Windows Mail. The new mail client stores its mails as files (*.eml) and not as database files. Don't think you can store the whole world in your mailbox, because all those mail files are stored in your windows profile folder!

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