Sunday, March 16, 2008

Technology specialist in Windows & Web applications

Last week I passed Exam 070-526 - Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 - Windows-based applications.

Now I'm a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for .NET framework 2.0 Web and Windows applications

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outlook Express: Exceeding the maximum mailbox size

A small tip for Outlook Express users:

Few days ago I found out that Outlook does not warn us (with a suitable error message) when one of its archive maps (*.DBX file) is too big. In fact Outlook Express has an archive map per folder (inbox, outbox, sent items, ...).

For example: At the moment that 'Postvak IN.DBX' is too big (> 2Gb), Outlook Express will try to connect to the mail server, but returns a hexadecimal error which tell us that Outlook Express cannot connect to the server.

So, outlook express users, keep each folder in your OE mailbox smaller than 2 Gigs. Attention, if your inbox folder is too big, it is still possible to send mails when the 'OUTBOX.DBX' and 'Sent items' file is smaller than 2 Gigs!

No problems for Windows Vista users. In Vista you do not have Outlook Express, but Windows Mail. The new mail client stores its mails as files (*.eml) and not as database files. Don't think you can store the whole world in your mailbox, because all those mail files are stored in your windows profile folder!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy blogging in 2008!

Happy blogging in 2008!

May all your dreams come true!