Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Embedding audio and video in InfoPath 2007 forms

Microsoft InfoPath 2007 offers now Custom Controls:
1. ActiveX controls (uses COM and ActiveX technologies)
2. Template Parts (reusable form pieces)

--> You can embed audio and video if you use an ActiveX custom control.

Using ActiveX Custom Controls
1. Go to menu View
2. Click on Design Tasks
3. Select Controls in the 'Design Tasks' Task pane
4. Click on the 'add or remove custom controls' button to install your custom
5. Click on the Add button and select ActiveX Control
6. Select the Windows Media Player control
7. Select the necessary properties for databinding and finish the wizard.

After you have added the control, you can drag and drop the control on your screen.
Right-Click on the control and select the 'Windows Media Player properties'
Fill in the URL to automatically embed the file to play.

Attention ...
ActiveX controls must be installed on each user's computer,
but you can opt to include a .cab file (which contains the custom activeX control)
in your template which automatically installs and registers your control.
(you can specify the .cab file in the 'steps' wizard above.



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Alex Weinstein said...

Kristof, this is very cool!

I'd love to know the scenarios where folks want to embed audio/video into their InfoPath forms - I have a feeling they are pushing the product beyond what I thought was possible :-). Very cool, though.