Monday, November 20, 2006

Enabling PDF search on WSS v3 (beta)

Lots of troubles to enable the search functionality in WSS v3.
I found a fantastic article on Stan Spotts' blog about enabling PDF search on WSS 3.0 beta.

You must still use the Adobe iFilter for PDF's like you did in Sharepoint 2003, but you need to check some registry settings to make sure that WSS indexes your PDF documents correctly.

Click here to visit Stan Spotts' article.

a It only indexes PDF documents after you have configurated this functionality.
a You can only search for full words

Search doesn't work ?!
I had a lot of troubles to configure the search functionality (without the PDF search).
Keep in mind to configure your Search Server first and then create your Content Database !
It seems that the order is very important in the beta version.

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Kevin said...

I figured out a way to scan existing PDF's on a WSS 3.0 site.