Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Enabling InfoPath Forms Services 2007

It is quite simple to enable InfoPath Forms Services 2007 on your Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal 2007. Follow the steps below to use browser-enabled forms:

I. Central administration

1. Go to the Central Administration

2. Click on Application Management
3. Click on Configure InfoPath Form Services under the InfoPath Forms Services section.

4. Make sure that browser-enabled form templates are allowed
(Check all checkboxes in User Browser-Enabled Form Templates)

5. You can specify other options if necessary. Click on OK to apply the changes.
6. You can close the Central Administration Website.

II. List Configuration
I created a new Document Library on my site called 'InfoPath Forms'. This document does not open InfoPath forms in your browser directly. You must configure this list in this way:

1. Open the List which contains browser-enabled InfoPath Forms
2. Click on Settings and select Document Library Settings

3. Select Advanced Settings Under 'General Settings'
4. Configure the Browser-enabled Documents section and select 'Display as a Web page'

5. Click on OK to confirm the changes

III. Publishing InfoPath Templates
Use the Publish Wizard to deploy the form on your Sharepoint Portal Server.
Define the location, promote the fields and publish!
(In this example you must update an existing Document Library)

Use following URL structure to deploy

IV. Testing the deployed form
Create a new document in your 'InfoPath Forms' list. The form will be automatically open in your browser.

V. Tips
aYou can manage the toolbars at the top/bottom in InfoPath 2007.
(menu Tools > Form Options > Browser > 'Show toolbar at top/bottom of form')

VI. Download this example
download the example here


David said...

InfoJet Service, a product like InfoPath Form Services.

franco said...

sorry, i want know if possible install forms service on sharepoint services 3.0 too