Sunday, January 08, 2006

How to enable SSL for IIS

Enabling SSL in 4 steps

1. First of all you have to install the IIS Resource Kit

Download location:

2. After the installation you must retrieve your virtual server ID. (if you want to specify virtual server which different from ‘Default Web Site’ which has ID = 1)
(virtual server example > c:\inetpub\spsroot)

You will use MetaBase explorer to retrieve the ID. You can find this program under the newly created directory 'ISS resources' in your start menu.

In MetaBase explorer, you will open the server > LM > W3SVC node
Under W3SVC you can find several ID's with their corresponding data.
In this case: ID = 407700768 (c:\inetpub\spsroot)

3. Now we will enable SSL with SelfSSL (another program in the IIS Resource Kit)

This program uses several parameters to configure SSL on your virtual server.
Type the following command:
selfssl.exe /N:CN= /K:1024 /V:7 /S:487700768 /P:443
(you can find the meaning of the parameters in the documentation)

4. Surf to the secured website: https://servername

Attention please: do not use the port of your virtual server to access the secured portal.
for example: http://servername:101 becomes https://servername.
SSL uses port 443 as default.

How to delete your WSS sites completely ?

It seems to be easy, but to delete WSS sites you have to do 3 things:

1. Remove the physical path
Go to your WSS site > Site Settings > Go To Site Administration > Management and Statistics > Delete Site

2. Remove the link to the WSS site
Go to SiteDirectory (http://server/SiteDirectory/Lists/Sites/Summary.aspx) > Manage Sites

3. Exclude the site of the search results
Portal > Site Settings > Configure search and indexing > View sites pending approval for indexing

Your WSS site has been deleted successfully!